Successful Vs Unsuccessful habits [Point wise]

Successful Vs Unsuccessful a Point wise Comparison

 Today apart from Technology I am sharing a Social physiological Comparison between a Successful and Unsuccessful Mindset.
compare habits of sucess and faliure

 In every field there is two types of peoples are present one is who have become a successful in their business venture and personal life and some are who unsuccessful in their life and business also. The Term Successful defines for those who are continually fighting for their goals and become able to achieve their imagination in the realistic world
and the unsuccessful  is used for persons who are may be become rigid for achieving their set of dreams in their present life. The quality and habits of successful and unsuccessful person is given below.    
1)Give Up Easily
1)Handle Problem Well
2)Act Before Think
2)Set Goals, Think Long term
And Work with Passion and commitments
3)Think They Know all, Criticize other, Blame others
3)Talk About Ideas, Compliments other ,Spend time with Right Peoples
4)Talk More Work less, Waste time, Fear from Change
4)Know purpose and Mission, Make To-do List Every day, Take Risk
5)Stop Learning ,Horde Information ,Think Negative
5)Read and Learn New things, Share Knowledge, Being humble

In Conclusion I have to say that, in these world every person have their own qualities and habits but to circumstances and social exposure the destiny leads every person to its own path and if our time is bad or not supporting us we don’t have to disappointed and we always have to try and try again until we get success in achieving our goal. The most popular example of their philosophy is the life of sir Gram Bell who have tried a hundred times to give us a miracle machine called the Telephone and when someone asked him about his failures he replies that I am not failed but I have discovered a hundred of new ways that is used for not inventing the telephone. 

So I am stopping these post  with the golden rule of successful peoples of all time

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