Top 9 Tips for Success in Business (point wise Comparison)

Top 9 Tips for Success in Business (point wise Comparison)

We always believe in success in our professional life but due to some situations and mistakes we make our business a failure and these is my today’s topic of discussion.

Best 9 Tips for Business Success

 Today I have decided to share my experience about business failure.And How to Deal with it!
I have already shutdown more than 2* businesses which I have started in my professional life. You are thinking about my professional life?
Someday I will share my professional life with you guys.

 But Today I am sharing my professional experience why entrepreneurs like me got failed and I am also describing some powerful Tip to get the Positive outcome in Business.     

 Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and here are the main 9 reasons why Business fail.

1. They don’t plan Business Properly

 You will always have a better chance to succeed in any Business venture if you have a plan. By forming a simple plan, former non-planners will increase their rate of success.

When you make your plan, be sure it’s specific. Don’t say, “I’m going to this task tomorrow.” Say, “I’m taking this task at Specific Time.” Having a complete vision of your intentions prepares you to execute them and you’ll be more likely to flatten obstacles in your way.

 I’m not just saying that. It’s been proven to be more effective.

Case study: Mike Tyson didn’t plan for retirement. He made about $300 million in his career, but filed for bankruptcy in 2003. This is only possible without a solid financial plan.
Business Mantra 1

Plan Before you Act!

2. They try to climb a mountain before they even leave the house

For 2016, my goal is to get One Order per day. One Order a day is easy, but it doesn’t get you very far. The value comes from starting.

When you aim high, intimidation is common, and that puts your goal at risk. If my goal was 50 customers a day, I would have failed at times and gotten discouraged. This is more relevant for daily goals than long term dreams. Don’t dream to be a Mediocre Business Man

Dream big, but break that dream down into small, daily actions that inch you closer to it every day.

Lesson: One tiny step forward beats one giant leap sideways.

Top Business Ideas

 Make Small Goals for Shorter Time.

3. A single failure distracts them from the opportunities

If your business fails, if your book or script is rejected, if you don’t make the basketball team, it’s tough to be positive. But the war is not over, is it? If your business fails, won’t you know several key things NOT to do next time? Objectively, it’s a highly useful learning experience.
If you mentally attach your identity and your chance to succeed to your business, and your business fail. Your really think that your all opportunity is gone and you are at nowhere. Instead, why not see your business as opportunity that could possibly take you where you’d like to go. That way, if it fails, you can change the business methodology and adopt a new one.

The optimal strategy in life is to focus on winning the battle you’re in. I think most of us get this step right, but miss the next crucial one. The most successful leaders in the history of business world were the ones who could modify their strategy quickly, decidedly, and strategically. Do you do the same in your business life?

Lesson: If you’re not currently in battle or have just finished (an event), zoom out your focus to determine the current best strategy, then zoom back in and prepare for your next battle.
Business Tips 3

 Keep Challenging and prepare for the worst.

4. Business Man become pessimists

If you go in expecting to fail, you’ve got a great chance to do it. Pessimism leads to failure because it decreases the amount of effort a person will put forth. Success requires effort, which is fueled by the perspective that your efforts are not in vain.

Lesson: You instinctively hesitate to invest in a sinking ship, even if you’re the one sinking it.
Success in Business Tip 4

Business Need Risk taking Capabilities
Try to Continue enhance your Business needs.

5. Entrepreneurs scared

Fear must be cold, because it freezes people. Deer are famous for freezing right before a car hits them. Like that situation, freezing in place isn’t a smart strategy in business.
If it takes 10,000 hours to master something and fear makes us do nothing, then fear needs to go. Face your fears head on and you’ll find success right behind them. Overcoming fear is success in itself, and it opens the door for more.

Tip: Fear itself is afraid of the spotlight. Get into the habit of confronting it, and soon enough, it will be afraid of YOU.

Take Calculative Risk

6 Businesses Can’t Run on Blames and Excuses

Excuses and throwing blame are the same way of saying, “I’m not in control.

Everyone had a perfect excuse when the economy went into a recession in these past few years, but after telling everyone their perfect excuse, they were still in the same mess. Meanwhile, other businesses did well because they adapted.
Excuses feel good temporarily, but don’t be fooled, they can only hurt you. Accept full responsibility for where you are, and you’ll have a chance to change it for the better.

Successful Business Leader are responsible

Tip: Your Business is the only variable you can control in this world.

Don’t Make Excuses and Do whatever your Business Demands you!!

7.  Businesses opened at the wrong place

Sometimes failure is simply a matter of location – the wrong country, the wrong state, the wrong job, the wrong hobby. This is the tricky aspect of failure – knowing when to move on to something else. Not all people are capable of success in all things.

Tip: If a fish and a human switch places, they will both die of suffocation.

 Location matters.
Location Attract Business

Try to get the best suitable location for your Business venture.

8. They don’t care:-

Obviously, if you don’t care about doing it well, you won’t. If you started a Business venture but don’t care about it, it will become a hopeless situation and once these hopeless condition arrived before you in your business life. It will also affect your other aspect of your life. These will again lead your business forwarded to failure.
This is one more reason to experiment and try different things – to ward off Apathy [Condition of Hopelessness]. Get more excited about your life and the possibilities to explore, the better! Apathy can often lead to the worst-case scenario of human life. That worst-case scenario is next on the list as the number one reason for failure

Tip: The more you care, the more you’ll succeed.
Best Business Tips in the World

Care your Business like your Own Child!

9. They give up

The worst reason for business failure is that their respective owners will Give Up at last.
Giving up isn’t always so obvious. Look around yourself anybody you see could be giving up in some area of their life. Giving up is the number one reason person fail because it is the only permanent failure. As long as you are actively trying, you have not failed yet. But once you give up, success will not arrive unexpectedly.

You can have the worst strategy and focus on all of the wrong things, but as long as you keep trying, you will learn and have hope. That is an important truth.

Tip: Never Give Up.
Greatest Business Tips ever

Where is the Will there is always a Way.

Above i have tried to explain Every Possible way to compare a Unsuccessful Business with Their Key Factor I hope you Enjoyed Reading these Article on Business Ethics


  1. Great tips share. one of the important tricks is to focus on vision and not on temporary profit. As said by varun manian "Entrepreneurship is not only about making profits"

  2. I think this article will fully complement your article. PLease continue publishing helpful topics like this. Regards, from alwaysopencommerce.com


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