Top 5 Online Shopping Websites {Review}

Every day millions of buyers in India visit numerous online shopping websites nowadays. And I am also among them, But different online shopping sites gives different experience to their online shoppers.
list of 5 most shopping website

Today I am reviewing Top 5 Shopping Websites in India and provide you suggestions for your online shopping.

Here I would like to clarify that I am a frequently using those online product selling sites from last few year as India becomes a major destination of some of the Biggest shopping portals like Amazon and EBay. As Indian E-commerce market starting to grow in year 2008-09, there are some local entrepreneur are also associated in online retail industry, Launched their own online Shopping portals  like Flipkart ,Snapdeal and Shopclues etc. Amongst them Flipkart became a Giant e-commerce web portal and now it can be claimed as untitled King of the Indian online shopping.

Today I have decided to let you know about shopping experience from Top 5 online shopping destinations and gives reviews and rating for them all.
List of Best Online Shopping websites for an Indian Prospectus:
1)      #Flipkart_Online_Shopping:  As I already tell you about my habit of online purchasing, I will admit you that my Experience with Flipkart, is the Best Shopping experience I gained. #Flipkart has a great Collection of Shopping Products and a very large chain of Logistic support. I think the biggest reason for their success is that they provide Quality product with minimum or reasonable delivery charges
Flipkart shopping site no 1

      You can pick any product from #Flipkart without any quality issue (Expect Fabrics or Clothing Material) and you can even return it within 30 days and #Flipkart will accept return without questioning. And Best of best part is that it will return your money as soon as delivery boy pick the return parcel. I have Experience More than 30 time for returning or exchanging product I have purchased from them.

My Personal Rating:#Flipkart Shopping Website

Website Experience : 4.5 Stars
Mobile App : 4 stars
Order booking:4 stars
Flash sell : 4 stars
Product Quality: 4.5 stars
Product search experience: 3.5 stars
Delivery TimeFrame:4 stars
Refund/Return/Exchange :4.5 stars

2)      #Amazon Shopping: My Second Best website for online Shopping, no doubt is #Amazon. As Amazon is world’s Largest Inventory holding Shopping  Website it have all which you would ever like to buy. Amazon has a Quality product range with good price point and has some exclusive products which can be available on Amazon only. It has entered Indian market since 2009 and slowly built a place in Indian consumer marketplace.
2 best shopping portal in india

     Now with some good advertisement and sponsorship Amazon also become a great online portal for shopping. Amazon provides Lighting Deals which sometimes very-very low n effective price and as we Indians loved to purchased product on cheap rates but don’t want to pay online then Amazon also Provide COD Facility when we purchased Product worth INR 500 or $10. I have place Amazon on Second place because Many times COD is not available on various Deals and sometimes Product price is not competitive as other online market. I am a regular visitor of Amazon and had purchased various products from Amazon. When Product return policy comes Amazon loose First spot because its return duration is less max 7 days plus a much delayed refund process. I have experience for returning products and it was less as compares to Flipkart.

  My Personal Rating:#Amazon Shopping Website

Website Experience: 4 Stars
Mobile App: 3.5 stars (Amazon have Different App version for Different gadgets like Tabs, Mobile etc.)
Order booking: 4 stars
Lighting Deals sell: 4 stars
Product Quality: 4 stars
Product search experience: 3.5 stars
Delivery TimeFrame:4.5 stars
Refund/Return/Exchange :3.5 stars

3)      #SnapDeal_Shopping: Snapdeal is standing at third position because lack of efficient product range and limited shopping deals. Snapdeal is second Indian shopping website which efficiently makes a mark on Indian online retail shopping industry.  As an Indian Shopping website it has a good amount of product with great price range which a common Indian would afford. 
#3 top shopping website

      Snapdeal is emerging very well as soon a huge investment is also purposed. Snapdeal mobile app is good in compare to Amazon and good navigation features. Snapdeal provides good cost effective product and with nominal delivery charges. When we talk about product COD, Snapdeal leads Amazon on providing COD benefits and maximum of their deals comes with free COD. But Delivery time frame will extend up to 10 days. Returns and Refund are also slow as compared to above two best shopping websites for Indian shoppers.     

 My Personal Rating:#Snapdeal Shopping Website

 Website Experience: 3,5 Stars
Mobile App: 3.5 stars (Slow response time and hangs very much)
Order booking: 4 stars
Dil ki Deal sell: 4 stars
Product Quality: 3.5 stars
Product search experience: 2.5 stars
Delivery Timeframe: 2.5 stars
Refund/Return/Exchange: 3.0 stars

4)      #EBay_Shopping_App: #EBay is World’s second largest online shopping marketplace online with over billions of product and deals. But in Indian Online shopping market EBay is way far behind then Flipkart and Amazon. Still now EBay have to found roots in Indian shopper’s mindsets. EBay still follows US trends for selling its products on auction basis and some products on Price range which can’t attract Indian Shopper’s. Since in India we love to buy quality product with low price. Quality of EBay product is good but price is always high when compared on other market players.

#4 top Ebay Shopping Website

      EBay have to review its product pricing policy and have to bring some mouthwatering deals for their visitors. EBay products are good , but EBay may be lacking Lighting deals as compared to Amazon and Flipkart in Indian Market.  Product Return policy is also a concern for EBay because it varies for product to product. Returning is easy and quick. But EBay can’t attract shoppers as mentioned above shopping websites.  
My Personal Rating:#EBay Online Shopping Website

 Website Experience: 3,0 Stars
Mobile App: 3.5 stars (Slow response time and hangs very much)
Order booking: 3.5 stars
EBay Deal sell: 3.0 stars
Product Quality: 3.5 stars
Product search experience: 2.5 stars (Mostly, Costly)
Delivery Timeframe: 2.5 stars
Refund/Return/Exchange: 3.0 stars

5)      #Shopclues_Shopping: #Shopclues is shopping destination for those kinds of shoppers who wants cheap solution’s for their needs. Shopclues have very large number of Sellers suppliers their product on cheap rates as compared to other online retailers. Max of Shopclues products are non branded and duplicate products which come with mouth watering price-point. But Beware about quality of Shopclues product because quality of product is very low and sometimes delivered  is different as compared to displayed.
5th most visited website online shopping

        I have personally bought various product from #shopclues but always regrets for buying. There are so many special deals are offered on Shopclues website and some of them start with Rupees INR Rs 1(But Delivery charges may be Rs 100).  Shopclues many times refused to return product and its delivery Time frame is very high (Around 10 to 20 days.). My personal suggestion for shopper is that never ever buy product from Shopclues until you are very sure about product quality and price.

 My Personal Rating:#Shopclues Shopping Website

 Website Experience: 3,0 Stars
Mobile App: 3.5 stars (Slow response time and hangs very much)
Order booking: 3.5 stars
Flea sunday Deal and wensday sell: 2 stars
Product Quality: 1.5 stars
Product search experience: 2.5 stars
Delivery Timeframe: 1.5 stars
Refund/Return/Exchange: 1.5 stars

 As above mentioned Top list for online shopping website reviews are based on my shopping experience and I will provided these reviews for your personal shopping benefits.

One Suggestion:  Don’t take Risk on Shopping online the cloths material from any above mentioned website because product quality and MRP displayed is very good but differs in actual delivery. But don’t lose heart about shopping online Dress or Shirts or Denims; I will guide you very soon about them also.

Disclaimer: No Above Described product selling website is endorsed by me and I have prepare it on my mutual experience.   

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