10 Tricks to impress boss in Meeting-Presentation

Do you are going to on meeting with your Boss or attending a presentation in your company or just taking a part in a discussion in your College or any professional  communication.

10 amazing tips for meeting
 And do you want to impress your boss?? Then these 10 tricks are very important for having success at professional font and impressing boss.

You have to impress your Boss or higher authorities so that you can jump in high altitude in professional life. So if you are worry about how to impress your boss in upcoming meeting you will just read these #10 tricks and I will ensure that you will get a positive outcome from your meeting/presentation/interview.

In an professional organization its critical to have good impression on boss so that he will let grow your professional career and these will why, you have to try and impress him by just not pampering him but also showing him that you are a valuable asset for company, so just take a quick look about below mentioned point to impress Boss.

1) Do Quick Math: Whenever someone provides Mathematical data in the meeting, try to calculate quickly and provide solution quickly which just not impress you’re Boss but also your colleagues are impressed by you.

   Example: Whenever someone give result in percentage then you will quickly convert into fraction  like someone say 25% of mans like coffee then you quickly convert 25% into ¼  and you may said that 1 of 4 person would love to drink coffee. These will impress your boss quickly and smartly.  

great tips for Impress Bosses
2) Encourage colleagues to stop chiming: if there is any point of time, discussion becomes chiming between your colleagues then you have to take one step ahead and encourage team members to take a step back and start the discussion from one step back. 

Also you have to restart discussion with what is the problem and possible solution for it.
#2 top tips for meeting

3)Always show you are present in the meeting by “Nodding”: you have to nod continuously to make a good impression and you have to write at least one word from each sentence you heard since it would noted by your boss and your boss appreciate your anticipation.

top 3rd tip to impress

4)Repeat last sentence from presenter but slowly: When you feel that presenter ended his quota then you have to pick his last sentence and said repeating but slowing you pace 

top 4 qualities for meeting

which help you to regain strength and confidence to impress your Boss with adding some views on it.

5) After meeting ask your boss about project/plan/meeting will help your company or not: Before Boss make you target, take a quick position and start discussing with your Boss that “:will it scale?” and 
Top 5 best idea for sucessful meeting

these will impact your boss about your credibility about his company and these will provide you higher numbers in impressing your boss.

6)Show you are thinking on project/plan: You have to show your boss and colleague that you are taking these meeting seriously and you are thinking and making calculation by showing your activities like writing something on paper or making some moves showing you are dedicated to company 
best 6 tip for sucessful meeting

and trying to get best possible outcome.

7) Claim to Revisit Meeting agenda once: when you want to impress boss, show that you are sincere and serious by reclaim some agenda for meeting or ask to revisit previous slide in a presentation so that  boss will note that you are taking a serious part in conversation and impressed by your eagerness to stick to agenda.

#7 top advice for sucessful meeting

   8) Switch off Mobile or any communication device: Bosses liked employees who are dedicated in meetings so always switch off or put your mobile on Silent mode whenever you are in the meeting.

#8 tip for impress boss

  9)Make fun of yourself but in limits : As a probe says “Boss is always right!!”, people sitting on higher positions always want to show that he is more intelligent than you , so you have to take it as a advantage by making some fun of yourself but you have to caution about your personality and behavior.
best 9 tip for sucessful boss impression

 Since people likes self-deprecating humors.

10) Dressing sense/Body Language: Last but not the least I would say as we all know about Body language and Dressing sense always takes 50% of our total impression (I would say 1 of every two meetings/presentation/interviews). And so many Books and Tutors always guide us to have proper Body language and dressing sense for very occasions so please take their advice and have a good dressing sense with proper Body language.  

10 tip to become sucessful in meeting
So I think some point you already know but some you have learn from these tricks and I want to give one more tip which is applicable to all the bosses in the world and that is

Even you know that boss is wrong but always try to ensure him that

guru Mantra for every meeting
Guru Mantra for every Meeting

Do you have some more tricks to impress boss in a meeting then you can drop it in the comment section so that other visitors are follow them and become a Eye-star for their bosses.
You may also tell us how much you love your boss by providing ranking from 1 to 10 and let other will see how your boss is??

You can also provide company name and boss name if you would like to!

Have a good day!
Vikas Agrawal


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