How to Re Arrange Your Desktop {A good Software }

We all use our Desktop As a default Storage Place so our desktop become a Mess while searching a particular file then today's Tip will help us.........
We all spend our maximum time on computers and make our desktop garbage by downloading software, using tools, creating documents and folders. When we really need an important document we waste our valuable time in searching for that document. We should always keep our desktop very organized and systematic so that we can save our time and increase our productivity. I use software for organizing desktop items, which is called Fences (by stardock).

You can download Fences for free (evaluation version). It makes your desktop organized by creating categories for all kind of documents, files or tools. Like this is how my desktop looks like:

You just need to follow few steps to make your desktop systematic with Fences:
1. Download Fences from here
2. Now for creating new Fence, you need to use your right mouse button on desktop, drag to make a rectangle and release. You will get a button “Create Fence here”, click on that.

3. A dialogue box will appear for naming your Fence. You can also rename your Fence later by doing right click on blank space in Fence and selecting “ Rename Fence”

4. Now your Fence is created and you can adjust it according to your wish. For adjusting or moving Fences, you need to click on Fence and drag it.

Always remember to add all the documents, browsers and tools in relevant category to make your desktop more attractive and yourself more productive.

Advise: These was not a free software

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