Facebook Unfriend Finder Tool (Browser addon)

Many of us have our close friends, family members and "other" friends on our friends list

The friends list doesn't remain constant anytime,
Removed facebook friend finder

there are new friend request you add, there are friends who deactivate there accounts for some time or forever (Just to gain some attention.) and then there are people who remove you as their friends.

While Facebook, notifies about the friend requests, you got and you sent,  it never notifies you about the "un-friending" process. That's when Unfriend Finder comes to your rescue.

Unfriend Tool

Unfriend Finder is script, written for Facebook users who would like to know who un-friend-ed them on Facebook. It creates a separate counter to display these kind of notification on Facebook. Official Website

Remove Friend

To make this script work you must use one of the following browsers:

Then install the script from here.

After installing the script, when you log into Facebook, the Unfriend Finder script will make a log (database) of all the friends you have on Facebook. Whenever a friend from your friends list deactivates his/her account or removes you as a friends from Facebook, the script notifies you. It also notifies you about your pending friend requests, with option to cancel those requests.

Note: The script can't tell you the people who removed you as a friend, before it was installed. The script is not retroactive.

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