How to increase Memory cards Space

Tweak to convert 1GB memory card into 2GB.

Note :- This tweak would only work with 1GB card, i.e., 970MB +

Here is the trick, simply follow the under given steps :-

1. Before starting this trick, back up your all data from memory card, as the card is going to be format.

2. Download the Skymedi-2GB-Fix-Software from link

3. Now, run the 1GB_to_2GB.exe file and choose your memory card drive.

4. Click on the FIX button.

5. And, click on yes to confirm this operation and you're done.

6. Unplug your card and plug it again, check the memory of card and comment below.

Note :- Increased memory would not show in Chinese models, so don't worry, the tweak is successfully installed, with a new higher memory

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