How To Guess (Monitor) your Social Fan Following

Hi Readers, As Today World Demands we are all on our social networks and always eager to calculate the

Number of Friends/Fans We have on our social network, i discuss with you some tools which may helpful to you .

1: Google’s Me on the Web

Google has a nice tool that allows you to easily monitor search results for your name. Me on the Web (Figure A) is included in the Google Dashboard. It allows you set up search monitors for your name/brand, assists you in the removal of unwanted content, and can help you manage your online identity. I have found the search monitors to be incredibly helpful as they alert you when others (individuals, companies, etc.) mention your name or your brand.

Figure A

Me on the Web

2: Reputation.com

Reputation.com (Figure B) is a service that allows you to see how you look online. The service is free and it doesn’t use your information for any untoward activities. All you do is create a free account. Then you can monitor your online “buzz,” search for and remove any negative information/mentions about you, and find out how you can control what people see when they search for you.

Figure B


3: Naymz

Naymz (Figure C) is not a free service (although you can sign up for a 30-day free trial) and is a bit different from the other tools. Naymz is a network that includes tools to help you manage your reputation. With these tools (and with interaction within the network) you earn free products and services (as your reputation grows). Thanks to the Naymz network, you can get a quick assessment of what your peers think of you as well as connect to Facebook and Twitter.

Figure C


4: Whos Talkin

Whos Talkin (Figure D) is a social media search tool that shows you what members of social sites are saying about your name or brand. Using the tool is as simple as entering your name (or brand), clicking search, and waiting for the results. Whos Talkin doesn’t help you manage those results, but it will give you a lightning-fast look at what the Web is saying about your name or brand. What is done with those results is up to you. Why use this over a simple Google search?

Figure D

Whos Talkin

5: Yasni

Yasni (Figure E) is a nice free tool that lets you search for people and services. The results of those searches will tell you how that person/service is seen from an online point of view. The only downfall of Yasni is that it will include any results that match your criteria.You are also given popular search terms that are associated with the name/service. When I search for my name, I get associated terms like Linux (correct), Android (correct), Ubuntu (correct), and Windows (ummmm)…. Although you won’t find tools to help you correct any negative comments/posts/results, you can at least discover all the key terms that are associated with you and your brand.

Figure E



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