Get Email Alert on Mobile Free

Hello Now days  Email is one of the most important form of information sharing 

Email Alert on Mobile

How  to get Email alert on Mobile free (without gprs) 

 Some of us have smart phone to access Email Some not but what if we are not having time or Multimedia mobile to get access on our Email. But what if we are waiting for Important Email and not  notified , Then what to do ??

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a Account on way2sms.com and get verified !
Get Email Alert

Step 2: Go to Email Alert tab from dashboard !!

Step 3: Here Way2sms give you option like Hour preference , Day preference set it according to your convince then choose Gmail tab here get the Email address on it like 5465646656459@way2sms.com then follow step 4    

Step 4: Login to your Email (Gmail) Account then goto Mail option >> Forwarding>> Choose forwarding address then Assign Email address given by way2sms on it then Gmail forward a Email containing Validation Code in it to your Way2sms.com email Account .
email without gprs

Step 5: Login into way2sms.com and from Email Inbox tab get the Gmail Validation Code then use it for verifying Forwarding Address on your gmail account Press Verify to verify account  !! That's it You have a Email Alert whenever you have Email on your Gmail !!

Nice isn't !

Share your opinion on these !!!

Updated: These Service is banned by google and government of India Recently!!

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