How to visit blocked website using google easy

Hi !!!

we all have experience a common problem of blocked website on our network in places like School , Offices , Cyber cafes, or even on our home networks [Parents authorization control] .

Google help to use Banned webs
A common list of blocked website contain popular websites like Facebook,twitter,YouTube
and even some websites like Dropbox and 4shared etc {There are some other websites which i don't mentioning here but the most visiting subject of all time !:}.
Sometime we have to collect some information or want to surf around internet in our free time then how can we visit these site without noticing from network administration ... some of us know to use proxy servers like hidemyass.com for visiting our favorite site . but what if our network administration  blocked popularly known proxy servers then what to do !!

Here come the Giant proxy trick of using Google as a proxy server !!


Ans:- Just follow these steps:
  1. Go to Google translate service using these link.
  2. use
    where sl=>any known language like japanees, chinees,korien ,Hindi etc here i have used ja for japaness
    tl=>English or whatever your preferred language
    and U=> it contains the url of targeted website like i use http://youtube.com
    Thats it your desired website should open on your browser without affecting the quality of your website !!
    Enjoy internet surffing!!
    But Caution: Dont forget your administrator may visit your place to watch you !!
    Good Bye!!

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