How to Delete FB Account Instantly {Trick}

Let me reveal a secret trick of deleting any Facebook Account within 2-3 minutes .
facebook account delete in 3 minutes

This method is as simple and quick.
As we are Knowing the Power of Facebook [the Social Network WebKing] . Many of us [Almost all] have Maintain our  FB for at-least one Account. but Many of us have two or more account for personal reasons. But we all hear rumor saying Facebook steal our data which may be true or may be not. But when we are concern about our privacy we can adjust it on privacy page but what happen when we want to delete our account on FB the Generally FB Allow us to delete our account but in at-least 14 Days[ According to FB Guidelines]. But Someone between us want to delete his account in less than an hour then i am sharing a great tip for it.


Tricks For Delete FB Account Instantly

Requirements - 

  • 2-5 Facebook Ids

See we can do is marking the account we want to delete as Fake .

What happens when users report a Account as Fake ?

When the user logs in  he is asked a warning whether he wants to delete his Facebook Account because it is against the community guidelines of Facebook .
Just click okay and you are done "your Facebook account is deleted"

 Remember - Say if you have more than 100 friends so you have to mark it fake from more than 10 Facebook Ids .

Hope so you enjoyed this trick of deleting a Facebook Id .

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