Top 5 Reasons for Smart Phone Hang Mobile

Now days we are Living in the Digital World which is dominating our Social as Personal life

Phone Freeze
 and the best example is Smart Mobiles Phone which may be of top companies like Samsung,Apple, HTC , Micromax ,AT&T etc  according to our needs and financial status. All are good but
Do you ever notice that your mobile phone become Freeze or Hand when you wanna make a urgent call or want to text some one but when you pick your mobile you get a hanged Mobile and some time we  are so disgusted that we think of throwing our mobile on the wall. but wait a minute !

i am sharing the Major problems why our Smart mobile phone Hang and solutions for resolving the Hanging problem

  1. If your mobile’s internal memory (RAM) is full, then it may freeze or hang at any point of time. Ensure to delete unnecessary applications, photos or videos.

  2. Keeping external memory full can also cause hanging of mobile phone. Once your memory gets full, it is advisable to transfer the data to your computer or laptop immediately.

  3. Manage your own files and remember to delete unnecessary files, clear cookies & cache and so on.

  4. Installing many applications can create hanging problems easily as the smartphone cannot support to all applications at a same time.

  5. When you run several applications or tasks at a same time, then your mobile will automatically get hanged. Make sure to check one application at a time or else your mobile will get heat up and hanged.

  6. One of the major errors done by many people is that they install applications in phone memory instead of external memory. Generally, all applications, videos, photos have to be saved in the Memory card (SD card).

  7. Google Map and Voice Search also store too much Data on your smart phone for better response which is good but dont track too much out off google maps because it may slow your Mobile phone or also hang it.

  8.  Keep some free space on your Memory Card(SD card) as well.

  9. Don't use Heavy Themes for your  your smart phone or uninstall the Old one.

  10. Keep Flashing RAM and Cookies regularly.

  11. Installing Heavy Size games will also hang your mobile phone.

  12.  Having a Very Low Memory Installed [ inbuilt or SD Card ].

  13. Keeping Too many Text or Whatsapp like Messaging app data will also slow or hang your mobile phone!!
    Not deleting cookies, caches, log files.
    Not deleting cookies, caches, log files.

Easiest way to Resolve the Mobile hanging problem is to format your phone [Hard Reset] and reinstall the necessary apps.

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