Top n Best Business areas for Startup IT Firms

Top 10 Business areas to explore by Startup IT Firms

Today a lot of startup’s is introduced in Indian silicon Valley and all over the world, in which some have emerged as a Business tycoons and running a millions of dollar venture in just a few year 
Indian business for startups

and earning a handsome earning by applying the a simple business idea like I will take a example of online Hotel chain called as OYO Hotel & Rooms.
These Newly formed online Branded hotel venture is started by a very young guy named Mr. Ritesh Agrawal, a 23 year old fellow from Delhi. Ritesh is a Explorer kind of a guy who like to travelled a lot, but he always feels difficult to get a hotel for reasonable rates , so Ritesh as thought that he will deals with these difficulties arrived before many of millions visitors across India. So after putting his efforts the Online Branded Hotel Chain as OYO Rooms which offered Rooms starting from Rs 999/day ($14/day). Now a drop out becomes entrepreneur.
Above story of Ritesh Agrawal is aspiring for all of the startup firm’s owners and Dreamers of Startup business who want to become a entrepreneur in coming years. Now let’s to the post topic I have explorer some business which are least exposed to the IT revolution and it may become your next business venture.
Some Business ideas is explored in a very little ratio and some are untouched by any one.

Online Transportation Business: In a Vast Country like India, the transportation is a back bone of Demand and supplies Chain. I think Indian transportation Business is one of the biggest business venture of Indian economy. Since every industry needs to dispatch and delivered there product all over the Indian subcontinent so there is a transport in very small place is present. So my idea is for young entrepreneur is that
·         Please make a online and mobile based platform for transporters and their clients.
·         Make a easy to use and almost free access
·         Make that app that calculating the approx distance and show fare for it(Google Maps)
·         Connect as many as transporters for comparative rates and minimum logistic time frame
·         Provide GPRS connectivity of Logistic drivers , Transporters and clients for real time position access
·           Calculate Approx time of dispatcher and arrival of Goods to Client
·         Add a Emergency Contact Toll free number for Driver to give help and rescue from a unwanted events
·         Add a Alternative Route map for Driver to ensure driver may not stuck to any traffic jam or road blocked conditions
·         Give any new logistic requirement to the transporter or logistic owner to pick small to medium products in their proposed route to earn or share the logistic cost. 
·         Make online payment system for easy payment options
·         Make online insurance of logistic for security
·         Impose late delivery/payment charges
   *Major client are those companies who are manufacturing good in large quantity
   *Major Transporter’s are who are having a lots of logistic vehicles engaged with them
 These is the first idea of that set of top business areas to be explored by young Indian startups and who knows these idea become a business venture of any new company and earns millions of billions Rupees and dollars since the need of logistic dedicated website is all over the world and every country needs a well developed transportation networks. So I am encouraging young business idea seekers to explore and make a history.
These is the first Online business Idea I have shared with you and if you like and want to give suggestions please give your feedback and response in comment box below and keep visiting again and again for new business idea I will sharing in next week.

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