Best 2 Offline Business Startup Ideas in India

As India is the youngest nation in the world in term of peoples age the need of peoples is also starting widely and besides of being in the list of Major Economy of the world.
Offline Business Ideas

 India Have a great potential to become a leader in the world.
We Indians are proud to being a major hub of Software Industry in StartUp Initiative lead by our Prime Minister "Shri Narendra Modi Ji" but there are so many areas are still to be explore for New Business Venture or Startup I will try to highlight some here !! 

#1) E-Harvesting of Plastic Material Dumb:As our Daily Life revolve around Plastic and that leads me to come up with an idea of E-Harvesting of Plastic material Dumb , The Idea consist of Gathering the Plastic Wastage from Homes, Offices and Manufacturing Industries where the bulk quantity of plastic is comes as the waste material and then We can recycle that Dumb into the shape of buckets,Flower pots and  large vessel with the help of Bio degradable materials like Plants fertilizers and organic waste. these will become environmental friendly degradable storage and which is cost us less than 5 penny in wholesale.

#2)Offline Peoples per hour Services: These is the latest Idea strikes me about the Offline Business Startups, In these the Daily services Providers are Hired by Us and We can Offer Services of Our Workers on the Cost of per hour basis. Let me explain , let Mr X is an Business Person or a Service man and He need someone who take care of his dog for one hour or so then he can approach us and pay us on the basis of person per hour and tell what to do?? then the need of Mr x is Fulfilled and We can send Mr Y for his Dog Refreshment for Certain Hour's These will Lead both of us to get worked and busy in our professional or personal life. 

Project Cost : Less Than INR 50,000 or $1000
Work space Need: 10*10 Room
Means of Communication : Mobile(whatsapp) , Landline ,Internet (Facebook,Twitter)
Team Needed: Minimum 2 Members (One Female is Must)
Infrastructure:One Mobile (Smart phone),PC/Laptop,Broadband Connection and Printer
Qualification : Minimum 10 Class
ROI:Minimum 20k per Month

As Work-space in Offline are Numberless But i am Sharing Right now only 2 Top Offline Ideas for your New Business Venture or Startup . If you have more to Share please let me Know and I will Share it with the World!!

Have a Great Business Ahead!!


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