How To Add Your Website/Blog To Google(Easy three steps)

How To Add Your Website/Blog  To Google

 Check below 3 easy steps and follow the same steps to get faster indexing by google.

Step 1 : Create your free account on Google Webmaster Tools  and sing in  to your google webmaster tools account and submit your website details .
Step 2 : Google take minimum 2-3 days to index your blog on Google search.in these 2-3 days you have some little work to do ..
above little activities are very very useful to increase your search engine ranking .Search Ranking is help you to increase visitors from search engines .
Step 3 : after 2-3 days you blog is automatically added to Google search.if you want to see your blog in Google search ?
Site:yourdomain.com ” Type this in google search then press enter and see your indexed pages in Google.
 Note: in above keyword replace yourdomain.com text with your original website name.
if you got any problems on indexing with Google ? feel free to contact us OR drop your problem below in comment section.

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