How to Use PC as a Fax Machine

we can send and receive Fax from Computer, but it requires a small setup to carried out. How we going to proceed?
We are going to use Windows Fax and Scan feature to setup our Computer after that which will be able to send and receive Fax  let’s get started

Tools Need

1)Your Own PC  Connected with a Normal (Analog) Telephone Line.
2)One Modem
3)Your computer should be connected to a network.

Setup Windows Fax & Scan Features Using Modem
  1.  Click on Windows Fax and Scan link, which can be traced by clicking Start and then All Programs. A new window will pop-up.
  2. As, you can see, no fax account is configured to access and use the Windows Fax and Scan feature. To setup one, click on Fax, at the bottom, left pane.
Now to connect the modem, click on New Fax button(located at the top left).

 Go through the Fax Setup, click on Connect to a Fax modem. In the next step, Choose the modem name. And click next

  • Now, there are three options to choose from, first two are self-explanatory, if you are choosing the third option that says “I’ll choose later; I want to create a fax now”, then let me remind you, this option will only allow you to send fax only and not receive fax. So, choose the one that suits you.
  • You might be prompted to allow firewall access too, so do allow it in order to use the service, Windows Fax and Scan.
  • Now, you are ready to send and receive fax using the modem. You can also change the settings you’ve chosen here by going in the menu, Tools>>Fax Settings

  • To create a new fax, simply click on New Fax and you are good to go.
Now, if you want to setup your server to send and receive Fax, then follow this tutorial. But, first, as usual.


  • Your computer should be connected to a network.
  • Also make sure you know the network address of the fax server (for example, \\mycompanyfaxserver) and that you have permission to connect to it. Contact your server administrator for that.

Tutorial To Send And Receive Fax Using A Server

  • Same step, Start >> All Programs >> Windows Scan And Fax. Click on it.
  • Move over to Fax Accounts by clicking on Tools.

Then, click on Add, new pop wizard will guide you through the rest of the steps

  • Click on “Connect to a Fax server on a network”.
  • In the next step, choose the server name. Ask your server administrator.
  • For rest of the steps, administrator setup is required. Contact the server administrator, who will guide you to the rest of the steps.
  • So, that’s how you can setup Windows Scan And Fax feature on a network.
So that’s how you can use Windows Fax and Scan Feature to send and receive fax from your computer.


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