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DNSChanger Virus problem Remove solution Free

"Dns changer virus can affect over 3.5 Million Computers all over the world on 9 july" - FBI REPORT!!

free sol for virus of dns changer


Today i will provide a solution for all of you guys


Make Personal Screen Saver Tip (good)

This isn't a tweak, but a great little feature!
Screen Saver


How to repair windows xp installed (Stepwise)

Hi , Some Times Our Windows XP is affected by Virus Or Some Registry Files Cracks make Windows unstable so we have to Reinstall XP But Wait We can Repair it Also !!


What is svchost.exe

What is svchost.exe And Why Is It Running? 

You are no doubt reading this article because you are wondering why on earth there are nearly a dozen processes running with the name svchost.exe. You can't kill them, and you don't remember starting them… so what are they?So What Is It?


Windows 8 Revealed

  Windows 8 is the Latest Release Operating System from the Microsoft Family


HOw to Stop A Restart Process( In 3steps)

Stop A Restart Process In 3steps

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