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Top Software for New formatted Laptop{Windows}

Whenever we purchased a Laptop or Desktop for our personal or Professional use , We are becoming a Software user and Today i am sharing a Must have Software list which is essential for every user and every New or Formatted Laptop/Desktop.
Top software for windows pc free
Just take a look and you will become a fan of all.

Top Ten Photo or image editing Software free (Photo editors)

Top Ten Free Photo Editing Software's for Desktop

Today  as we all are using Internet for our Daily needs and worked done. We are becoming a Internet addict. And Now as the Smart Phone is becoming popular and cheaper we are becoming a self claimed photographer of our own moments. 

Top 10 image Editing free software

 We are taking pictures but we don't know how to Edit it before printing out then i am solving your photo editing difficulties by providing you a list of Top 10 Software to edit your photos free and easily.


What is svchost.exe

What is svchost.exe And Why Is It Running? 

You are no doubt reading this article because you are wondering why on earth there are nearly a dozen processes running with the name svchost.exe. You can't kill them, and you don't remember starting them… so what are they?So What Is It?


How to install various softwares at onces

What you do when you get a new Windows machine or Format your OS for some reasons. Star installing Drivers and then Must-Have-Software.

How to modify exe files

Learn how to change *.exe files, in 5 easy steps:
We can modify exe file or executive file for a setup according to our convince, Here i am sharing a get trick to modify or alter the setup exe file 

List of Flash tutorial Websites

i found these flash actionscript tutorials.

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