Easy Trick for install Android Apps on SD Card [Stepwise]

How to Move Whatsapp-Facebook apps on SD card without Root

Hi All

Have you ever Experience the Low memory problem on your android device.The Low internal
memory problem
raise in number of Android Mobile or Tablets.

 which are having a Low Ram(Internal Memory) like 256,512 MB or 1 GB is even in a category of Low internal Memory   Devices or Handsets.
Internal memory is that memory where all off the System Application (Apps) or Some Instant Access Apps like Whatsapp,Facebook,Candy Crash ,Clean Master ,Ever-note,Clash of Titan etc , Installed by Default.

 When a Low Range Devices Owner whats to install any Heavy App on his Mobile or any Device then Some internal Ram memory is all allocated for it. So After a Certain Number our Mobile Prompt us a Error like "Low internal Memory" or "Low Ram please Uninstall Some Apps for Proper Functioning ". sometimes When we want to install app from play store or Any other Place Our mobile or Tablet shows error off "Could not install due to Insufficient Memory on Device".

These Problem is our Basic problem when we Uses a Low internal Memory Mobile Handset.

Now I think you all aware about what is the internal Memory or RAM in Mobiles or Tablets ??

If yes, Then its the time for me to Disclose the Solution of these Very common Android Based
Device for Many of Us or I even say for all of us because as much as our Android Mobile capabilities
Increases like today in Indian market Mobile having 2 GB or even 4 GB is also introduce,Simultaneously the Apps size is also become Huge like Clash of Titans Standalone size is 53 MB which after installation become up to 78 MB or Huge.i.e. As long as our Device become upgraded , our Apps also become a great one.

Solution for "Device [Mobile or Tablet] Internal Memory Insufficient " problem on Android Mobile


How To Install Apps on SD Card in Android Mobile Without Root


#Solution of Low internal Memory or RAM Caused by Whatsapp or Facebook for a Dummy Person{Even No knowledge of Computer }

Just Follows Below Steps for device insufficient memory problem
Step 1) Go to My Files or File Explorer and open Whatsapp Folder by Clicking on it on your Android Mobile or Tablet

Step 2) Select Media Folder from there and go into it and Cut all Folders from Here !!

Step 3) Go to SD Card or External Memory on your Device

Step 4) Create a New Folder Called Whatsapp on it and Click Paste which paste all the contained from Internal Whatsapp Folder to your External Memory or Simply SD Card.

That it !!

It will solve your Problem Temporarily because as soon as your whatsapp conservations continue, the data again become huge on internal memory and you have to Redoing all the Above Steps Again and again.

#Solution for Low or Insufficient Internal Space or Ram For A Average Computer Aware Person

Before Follow Below Steps Arrange these Requirements
1) A Computer
2)Internet Connection
3)USB Cable
4)Mobile Device

Now Let’s start:

Step 1)Download Drivers for your phone Official Google Website here

Step 2)Download latest version of Android SDK from Official Google Developer Website form Here and extract it

Step 3)Connect your phone to PC In USB Debugging mode (Settings>Applications>Development)

Caution : Go Ahead on your Risk

Step 4)(A)Now Go to the location where you extracted it and run with command prompt (Press windows key and type cmd)

then type



Step 4)(B) If you have installed Android SDK from an Exe file then
Open SDK
 open Sdk in Win 8
and you have to Download

Platform Tools Just by Clicking on Platform Tool like these

 Install Platfrom tools like these
Now you SDK have a Platform Tools Add-on

 Now You have installed an EXE Version of Android SDK then go to

C:\Users\windows 8.1\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

then Open it with command prompt (By Holding Shift Key and Pressing Right key on Mouse and Select "Open Command Prompt Here")
 Open command prompt
now command Window opens then



Step 5)Now run the command to check if the device is connected or not

adb devices

It will show our Mobile or Tablet which is connected..

Step 6) Now run

    adb shell

Now  a Dollar Prompt Like

$ _


Step 7)Finally run

    pm set-install-location 2
[ or if this doesn’t works run]

    pm setInstallLocation 2

Caution : Use the Command as Seen i.e Commands are Case sensitive here

{###Extra: Now after Performing above Command We can Get the default installation location by


pm get-install-location

[ or if this doesn’t works run]

    pm getInstallLocation

these command shows the default location like

0: for internal Ram
1:for Internal Secondary Memory
2:For External Memory or SD Card

See the Image}

 See the Tweaked Default Location which is 2

Step8)Now exit from command prompt just by type EXIT and Press Enter and Finish the process

Step 9)Now finally go to your phone’s Setting > applications > whatsapp and you can see

MOVE TO SD CARD become Enable

Now Click on these button

and See after moving, your Mobiles internal Memory Become Free from
Some Huge Apps like Whatsapp or Facebook.

Extra:To revert back follow the same steps from 1 to 7 and run the command

    pm set-install-location 0

#Solution for Internal Memory problem for a Greek

*Just Root Your Android Device and You can Become a Super User for your own Device or Handset

Problem in Rooting : It will Exhausted the Device Warranty and Sometime [Don't Hope so] your
Mobile Handset software damaged and it will become a Display Item [not in Used].

Now your Phone Memory Free like a New one !!

If you have any query related to these Trick please Share it with me and i can help you !!


Have a Great Day!

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