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Easy steps to Unlock android Mobile pattern lock(USB)

Today due to low cost smartphone are hitting the market every single day, every all
is able to have a smart phone, and the most popular mobile phone companies to provide
low cost quality mobile phone are Samsung,Micromax,MI,Lava,Karbon,ViVo,parasonic,Sony,HTC
and any more!!
android pattern forget lock

But what to do when we forget our mobile phone pattern lock????

How to Visit-view Banned websites on Mobile Tablet

How to Visit Blocked Website on Mobile 

As we aware that some government and Internet service providers occasionally banned some websites and blogs for there personal interest or some social interest, many of us don't access that websites on our mobile or desktop laptop. These Post help you for accessing the banned website on your own mobile without any effort.

View baned website on mobile


Easy Trick for install Android Apps on SD Card [Stepwise]

How to Move Whatsapp-Facebook apps on SD card without Root

Hi All

Have you ever Experience the Low memory problem on your android device.The Low internal
memory problem
raise in number of Android Mobile or Tablets.

 which are having a Low Ram(Internal Memory) like 256,512 MB or 1 GB is even in a category of Low internal Memory   Devices or Handsets.

Must have Top Android Apps list

Today i am continuing my post on android based smart phone domain. Today i am sharing a great list of android apps
List of good apps for android

 which you must have in your smart mobile phone!!
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