Easy steps to Unlock android Mobile pattern lock(USB)

Today due to low cost smartphone are hitting the market every single day, every all
is able to have a smart phone, and the most popular mobile phone companies to provide
low cost quality mobile phone are Samsung,Micromax,MI,Lava,Karbon,ViVo,parasonic,Sony,HTC
and any more!!
android pattern forget lock

But what to do when we forget our mobile phone pattern lock????
Android Smart phones have many features which attracts consumers and give them a variety of apps
to enjoy and increase productivity.One for many, pattern locking feature provided on
these kind of android phones give very easy graphical locking (Pattern Locking) which help
so many peoples for not remembering any typical alphanumerical password but to easily remember
graphical pattern for their lock!
These pattern locking required five and above dots to combined formed a pattern on our
mobile screen.

but what happens when some of us have forget pattern we have chosen for locking our mobile

there are many people searches on google for "How to unlock android phone pattern lock without losing data "
...... People search new ways to remove pattern lock without losing data.

we don't want to Lose the precious data that can be stored on our mobile phone like pictures,movies,family
photo etc which tends difficult to face and is something which we like to avoid.

NOTE: TO performed below pattern unlocking method your Mobile must be have USB Debugging Mode Enabled.
Follow the below given steps to bypass android pattern lock without losing data:


1. Download and install Android SDK Tools from Link. It is important to run ADB commands.

2. Select the package as per your platform(android version). It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
step to apply for unlocking pattern lock

3. Now open it and check only Android SDK Platform Tools. Uncheck other packages and click on install packages.

4. One more important thing is that your android mobile should have USB debugging enabled. If its not then this trick will not work on that device.

5. you must install your android Mobile device compatible drivers.(Just Google for your mobile driver)

Procedure To Unlock Android Password Without Losing Data:

1. Connect your locked android mobile device with your PCor computer or laptop via USB.

2. Open folder where you installed Android SDK Tools Users > App Data > Local > Android > Android-SDK > Platform-Tools and
android pattern opening guide

then click on blank space hold shift and click right mouse button and select open command window here.

3. This will open the command window in your computer. Now you have to add or insert some command in that command window

    First check whether your android mobile is connected or not. Insert adb devices

Now enter this command:

        adb shell
        cd /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases
        sqlite3 settings.db
        update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
        update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;

android mobile uplock tip

If above command is not working then put:

        adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key
method to open screen lock android

4.After that reboot your Mobile.

steps to clear lock on android

That's it.....

your will found that your mobiles pattern lock as been disabled and no data has been loosed
due to Unlocking process!!

bset tip to unlock android mobile


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