Is India a Emerging Superpower???

Is India a Emerging Superpower???

Today India is trend to become a powerful nation in the world map. India is a home of 1.25 billion people which is the second largest population in an country after china (1.6 billions).
india try to become world super power

 Every sixth people in the world is an Indian today.
India becomes the world largest open market because of that huge population and globalization policies. India is world largest democracy followed by USA and others. India as world largest forest reserves which covers about 15% of Indian Land. India is the largest importer of Gold in the world by importing 60 % of all import in world followed by UAE. India as Literacy rate of almost 80% which is a huge when seen in terms of Population. India is having a title of having largest Milk producer country. India is having a largest youth population (age<35 40="" a="" affordability.="" agency="" and="" are="" as="" br="" business="" due="" foreign="" from="" having="" in="" india="" indian="" industry="" is="" leader="" manpower="" many="" mnc="" of="" offices="" one="" outsourcing="" over="" population.india="" predicted.="" prime="" rating="" report="" s="" sector="" skills="" software="" the="" their="" to="" total="" us="" whole="" with="" world="">
India has made World fastest super computer called "PARAM" which is one of the fastest super computer in the world today.Indian Manufacturing industry is also make progress rapidly which is being supported by Government of India Initiative named "Make in INDIA".   

Indian GDP is touching the mind bobbling figure of 21 trillion of billion US dollars. Indian Space Agency is achieving the success rate of above 98% in Space satellite launching. Now ISRO becomes the hotspot for launching small to medium class satellite in the world due to cost and accuracy. Indian Mars mission named "Mangal Yan" and Moon Mission called "Chandra yan" is the benchmark in world space history to get largest information of our neighboring planets.Very Soon 'ISRO' is planning to launch indigenous space mission for Moon to fly Man in Space. Now India is having its own cryonic engine for its space shuttles. India is also have its own GPS system with 7 satellite in space.

Indian DRDO is now becomes a vital place to develop various Military strategy weapons some of them are Agni series Missiles(Capable of holding Nuclear warhead), AK series Missiles named after great Indian scientists and formal president of India Shri Abdul kalam , Trishul,Naag and many more to named. DRDO also develop Tanks and other military strategic weapons and tools for Indian Army. Recently Indian Aeronautical agency as develop a Light weight combat aircraft called "Tejas" which is appreciated by world in Germany air show. Also Cheetahs, drup are the light weight helicopters are designed and manufacturing in India right now.

Indian Army is the second largest army in the world having more than 13 million of active troops and more than 7 million in reserve forces. Indian Army is well equipped with latest gadgets and tools for modernization and counter terrorism. Indian Air force is one of the largest air force having most advanced airplanes like “sukoi” and “miraz” , and very soon “Raffle” becomes a part of Indian air force also.

Indian Navy is also a dominating power when they have to cover almost 4000 sq km of coastal boundary of the country. Indian navy is equipped by nuclear submarines some are "Arihant" and "Vikrant". India is also building its own submarine series which is totally indigenous and some of them are in their trial positions.

 India is continuously try to achieving self dependence in weapons manufacturing some of projects are like “Savyum” and “Shakti”. India is manufacturing its own aircraft carrier at their own naval base at VIZ. India-Russia coleratly build "Bramhos" Missiles which is capable of holding 3000kg nuclear warhead and range of about 5000km with speed of 2.5 mak which is the only one in its category. Indian Bramhos Missiles are having 3 versions so in any format India can use it to target Air, Water and land targets. Now India and Russia is also plans to develop FGFA fighter Aircrafts very soon.

 India is also a active participant in UN Peace mission , Indian Army is having largest number of troops in the world working in various part of the world working under UN Flag.
India is a part of various strategic Groups and alliances some of them are G20, SAARC, NSG, BRICS and many more. India is trying to get permanent membership for UNSC which is favored by USA,Russia,BRAZIL,SOUTH AFRICA,FRANCE and many for superpower countries. 

Indian Railways is one of the oldest and largest railway networks having its roots in every part of Indian subcontinent. Indian Railways is eager to achieve bullet train speed which is close to 500km/hour which is achieved by very few rail networks in the world. Indian railway is also holding a title of largest body hold by any government in terms of manpower.

Indian Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi also started a mission to build or upgrade 500 cities in India called as "Smart Cities Project" which hold world-class facilities and infrastructures. Now the growth rate of Building Road networks is touching 20 km per day which is ensuring to prepare the largest road network as well in the coming years.
Now India is also applying uses of Digitalization in its basic Roots. i.e. Now days Indian government is launching various online ventures to achieve fully Digitalization of Information and taking advantage of fast and accurate access of Internet all over the country. Indian are the second largest consumers of Internet in terms of numbers.

Indian Mobile Market is becomes a very huge space for many companies due to large population and market potential.
Indian Mobile consumers have crossed 1.1 billions of marks which is largest in the world for any country.
Indian Bio Identification system named "Aadhar" is a largest public verification program run by any country in the world."Make In India" a government initiative is also promoting manufacturing industry on the large scale which leads a amount of FDI Attracting in Indian economy!. India is also helping various countries in the world to achieve good social and economical achievements in today's scenario. In terms of Heritage , India as a rich cultural heritage which is recorgined by world itself.

Indian cuisines are world famous in which "Indian kari" is one of the personal favorite of royal family of UK.
Indian Film Industry is the largest film making industry in terms of employment and number of films per year. followed by Hollywood and others. "Yoga" a Indian ancient practice of meditation and excerscice is becoming very popular today and spreaded into the world with a tremendous liking. Also the UN declared 21 June as "World YOGA Day"
after an proposal proposed by Shri Narendra Modi in UNGA 2014 after getting support by 200 countries in the world.

In south east Asia their is country like Pakistan, is continuously to try and drag India into the conflict like Kashmir Issue and Indus Water treaty with the help of China , But Indian government always escape from their actions of terrorism and firing across the LOC .I personally advice peoples of pakistan to control their radical thinking of terrorism and let us rejoin again and become a India just like before Aug 1947 and lead the world with our joint forces and intelligence.

AS far as China is concerned, it can't really in position to oppose India since India becomes the largest market for their products and Chinese products is having a huge demands in Indian market.

Russia is Indian Friend since the days of USSR, Russia Supports India in Every Situation and as a Indian I will also Supports and thanks Russia to have a strong bonding with India.

USA is also try to become a good friend because of Indian Market and Strategical position in Asia, and India is also moving towards building good bonding with USA since India needs Support form states on various fronts.

Germany and France will have a good bonding and understanding with India which is continuous to excel.Countries like South Africa,Australia,UK,Brazil,Japan,CANADA,Italy,Argentina,UAE are also in-favor of India since they also having some common goal to mutually achieved.

Above written points are clearly assessed that India is now emerged as a Super Power in World scenario and no one ignore Indian population interest N will and as a Indian I am supporting India to become a center of world economy and a potential military force to maintain Peace and harmony in the world and specially South East Asia.


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