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Easy steps to Unlock android Mobile pattern lock(USB)

Today due to low cost smartphone are hitting the market every single day, every all
is able to have a smart phone, and the most popular mobile phone companies to provide
low cost quality mobile phone are Samsung,Micromax,MI,Lava,Karbon,ViVo,parasonic,Sony,HTC
and any more!!
android pattern forget lock

But what to do when we forget our mobile phone pattern lock????

#starting Partnership business in india(steps to follows)

Every successful business needs  a team to grow and when any business is conceiving the idea and implementation of two or more partners
Partnership business india

then in India those kind of startup business is called the partnership firm in general language.

How to Register Startups in india (single person)

As India rapidly becomes a #Startup Capital in the world,  many young guns are really looking for starting their own ideas into business

how to start own business in india
 but they don't known how to proceed and what is the legal procedure to start a business in India.. Today i am sharing those in my article !


10 Tricks to impress boss in Meeting-Presentation

Do you are going to on meeting with your Boss or attending a presentation in your company or just taking a part in a discussion in your College or any professional  communication.

10 amazing tips for meeting
 And do you want to impress your boss?? Then these 10 tricks are very important for having success at professional font and impressing boss.

Top 9 Tips for Success in Business (point wise Comparison)

Top 9 Tips for Success in Business (point wise Comparison)

We always believe in success in our professional life but due to some situations and mistakes we make our business a failure and these is my today’s topic of discussion.

Best 9 Tips for Business Success

 Today I have decided to share my experience about business failure.And How to Deal with it!

Successful Vs Unsuccessful habits [Point wise]

Successful Vs Unsuccessful a Point wise Comparison

 Today apart from Technology I am sharing a Social physiological Comparison between a Successful and Unsuccessful Mindset.
compare habits of sucess and faliure

 In every field there is two types of peoples are present one is who have become a successful in their business venture and personal life and some are who unsuccessful in their life and business also. The Term Successful defines for those who are continually fighting for their goals and become able to achieve their imagination in the realistic world

Top n Best Business areas for Startup IT Firms

Top 10 Business areas to explore by Startup IT Firms

Today a lot of startup’s is introduced in Indian silicon Valley and all over the world, in which some have emerged as a Business tycoons and running a millions of dollar venture in just a few year 
Indian business for startups

and earning a handsome earning by applying the a simple business idea like I will take a example of online Hotel chain called as OYO Hotel & Rooms.

List of web FTP Errors and Description

List of web FTP Errors and Description
Today as the uses of website and FTPS are increased , there are some error and problems are always occurred in handling FTPS and Some developers and armature website developer frequently came across the common ftp problems in their Digital work.
ftp Errors list

 Sometimes common person also face errors related to web servers and FTPs so Today I had a list of common error and there description in detail.   

10 Best Business Ideas for Startup in india

As Indian Business story is emerging as a great Positive Place to Do business ,

Top Business Idea for India

 Since the Reforms made by Indian  Government , the mentality toward Business is changed accordingly . Various Experts are saying India is becoming a Favorite Place in Asia to Startup a Business Right Now!!

Watch Hollywood Movies Online Free {TOP-5-LIST}

Today I am sharing Top 5 Cool Websites to Stream Hollywood Movies Free and Enjoy the Movies on Internet free.

Top Website to watch Online Movies free


Online Movies-Serials Free Download[Topwebsites]

We all are  fond of watching movies in our free time. We would like to go to Multiplex to view our favorite movie and enjoy the free time. But what happen when we are not free to visit the
movie hall then??


Online free computer courses n ebooks[list]

Today i was just surfing internet for searching some information regarding website development query and i have found a list of computer courses
Computer Ebooks free

 which are freely available over internet and have a quality course material for every one who wants to get some knowledge in online studying and reading eBooks.


How to See Youtube adult videos[trick]


as we know that YouTube is a biggest  online platform to watch videos online. But some times to watch some videos we have to sign in (especially 18+ or Adult (kind off) ) which is a annoying process sometimes.


Smart Phone Screen Lock Unlocking trick

Hi, Today we  are all having one smart phone in our pocket which is expensive and contain our important data or information in the form of contacts and files like picture, business documents , personal files and many more items ! 
unlock phone tricks


Simple List of Android Mobile App Tools

Today i will sharing some great Android mobile app tools to manipulate your android mobile to extract the maximum output from your smart phone and
Mobile tools for Android

become a powerful android user.

Common Website Security Hacks and Solutions

we are fond of internet and today every person wants to create a secure website for his personal or professional use but we are aware of Website hacking which is a common practice these day !
web security solutions


Smart Mobiles Codes useful in Everyday

Hi friends

Today i am sharing a List of mobile codes for a Smart phone of Samsung company which is the most popular company in Asia,Africa and even in USA.

codes and use of smart phone


Submit your website free


Today I share with you how to submit your Website or blog to Different Webs to generate free visitors
traffics in less than 24 hours. (and its totally free)
submit free website


How to repair windows xp installed (Stepwise)

Hi , Some Times Our Windows XP is affected by Virus Or Some Registry Files Cracks make Windows unstable so we have to Reinstall XP But Wait We can Repair it Also !!


How To Create\Open A PayPal Account or ID ? (complete Steps)

PayPal is the world’s best and easy to send and receive money online and works best for the freelancers, online marketers, social entrepreneurs and offers the best ways to secure you purchases with buyer protection and helps you in covering up your payments in more secured way. 
 TOday I Unrevealed The Pay Pal Mystery 
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